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How CBD Has Helped Me

CBD can affect people differently; in this blog I will discuss how CBD has benefited me in my everyday life. Personally, I started taking CBD a little over a year and a half ago for multiple reasons.

First, I will talk about the first time I ever came into contact with CBD, the first time I ever saw CBD was three to four years ago at a vape store, I used to vape heavily so I went through many bottles of juice and tried many different flavors and brands, but three years ago I was at nags head beach in North Carolina and saw that a certain juice brand that I really enjoyed also made a CBD juice that was an additive to nicotine juice. That means that you would mix the two juices together and fill the vape with it. At the time I found no effects of the CBD juice but was still very intrigued. I personally have always enjoyed cannabis and any biproduct of cannabis.

The next time that CBD came up in my life was when my father went through a lot of health issues and my brother and I thought of trying to dose him with CBD to help with his pain levels. After dosing my dad with CBD for a week we could already see the difference in him and he was absolutely seeing results from just a few doses of this magical cannabis biproduct.

After seeing the benefits of CBD from our own father my brother created a CBD store in Chesterfield County, Virginia called 7th Letter Wellness. When he first thought of making a store I instantly became more impressed with the effects of CBD, from then on all I did was research CBD, this consisted of any material I could get my hands on. From that day on I have used CBD daily.

Nearly 3 months after the store was open I dislocated my elbow and was in tremendous every day. Once I was able to get ahold of our 7th Letter topical the relief was incredible. I would apply the salve to my elbow every couple of hours and it helped tremendously with my swelling and pain levels. The 7th Letter salve is a solution of CBD, CBG, and turmeric which are all anti-inflammatories.

Now that my elbow is all healed I still use CBD every day, now I dose more for my anxiety, I haven’t always had anxiety it actually has arose in the past 6 months and with CBD I have been able to keep it under control in ways I never thought imaginable.


Published by ckilby1

Head Marketing Agent for 7th Letter Wellness

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