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How 7th Letter Wellness is Doing in this Pandemic

First, I wanted to start this blog off by hoping you all are healthy and happy in the historic pandemic. In this blog I will be discussing how 7th Letter Wellness is doing in this time and the precautions we are taking to keep our community and staff healthy.

First, we have closed the internal portion of our store, so people are not allowed to get out of their cars and come inside the store itself. Since people are not allowed to shop inside we have had google come by and take 3 dimensional pictures of our shop so the consumer can shop virtually and contact free.

We also have a 7th Letter booth set up outside our store so people can pull up to my brothers shop , get out of their car and have a 6 foot distanced conversation with one of our CBD specialist about the products that are right for them. If we have a customer new to CBD or even just new to 7th Letter we have the booth set up outside we also have a small cart that we roll out to them with our best selling items on their to kind of guide their purchase and actually allow the customers to see and view the products they could potentially purchase.

7th Letter Booth

On the cart that gets rolled out to the customers contains one of every size of and different mg per dose of our oils and gummies, also on the cart you will see out topicals as well as our famous hemp flower. In this pandemic we have seen a boost in sales in our hemp flower and at this time we are trying to figure out why people are smoking CBD more than taking it by oil, but I’ll tell you we are not complaining.

Product Cart

At 7th Letter Wellness we are taking multiple precautions to keep our employees and the community of Chesterfield County safe and healthy. First when a customer pulls up to the store there is a sign to honk and we will come service you. Some of those precautions we are taking is that obviously all of our employees must wear a mask for facial protection, s well as wearing gloves when interacting with customers one on one. When the customer has purchased an item, we always wipe down the card and bag the product with the debit/credit card along with the receipt.

By taking precautions we have been able to stay open and continue to serve our community.


Published by ckilby1

Head Marketing Agent for 7th Letter Wellness

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