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Top CBD Companies

With cannabidiol or CBD becoming such a huge market there are a lot of different brands and companies of CBD, but do they all “work”. Since there is such an abundance of CBD companies how will you pick which brand is right for you? In this blog I will be discussing my top two CBD companies.

For me picking which company is most effective is difficult, in my time testing out different CBD and different companies a lot comes down to preference. I have been taking CBD for a little over a year and a half now, and if I could guess how many companies I have tested I would say around 50. Since my brother owns a CBD shop in Chesterfield, Virginia companies around the united states have sent us product testing packages with their top sellers from their product selection. Those packages normally contain a few of their oils in tinctures, a pack or two of gummies, and normally a topical salve.

The first company I will discuss is 7th Letter Wellness, located in Chesterfield, Virginia. The 7th Letter company opened up nearly a year ago and is growing tremendously. 7th Letter Wellness caries a variety of products from a multi-patented proprietary formula that has an increased bio-availability (absorption rate) up to 20 times greater than traditional CBD. This means that 7th Letter CBD can get into the bloodstream faster, anywhere from 10-20 minutes and last longer, up to 12 hours. For a traditional CBD it can take up to 3 hours to be absorbed with only 8% actually being absorbed, and will stay in the bloodstream fro up to 10 hours. 7th Letter also carries a variety of great CBD gummies and salves.

7th Letter Wellness - Best CBD in Richmond, VA

Next on my list will have to be Lunchbox Alchemy, mainly known for its THC products also has a great name for itself in the CBD industry. Lunchbox is known for it’s incredible yet pricey gummy they call Squibs. Within their squibs they use a full spectrum CBD for a maximum terpene profile, including taste and smell.

Cannabis UNKNOWN: On Location with Lunchbox Alchemy – The Herb Advisor
Lunchbox Alchemy Squib

Lunchbox Alchemy also carries CBD oils for for direct absorption which is also a full spectrum oil, which contains the minimal .3% THC. They have three great flavors in their oils including pepperment, blood orange which is my personal favorite and original.

Cannabis Edibles - Crafted by Lunchbox Alchemy


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Head Marketing Agent for 7th Letter Wellness

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