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The 7th Letter Story

In this blog I will be discussing the creation of 7th letter wellness and the family of our team.

First, there is Gavin, my brother and the owner of 7th Letter Wellness. The strongest male figure I have in my life, the decision maker and the executioner. Since we were young my brother and I have always wanted to own our own businesses. We have always wanted to be the man, and to not work for the man. Next, there is my sister, Kendall who is an investor and partial owner of 7th Letter. She is an eager go getter that has taught herself everything she knows. Kendall lives in Houston, Texas and works in sales for a company called Pro Chem, from being a rookie in the Pro Chem business at age 19 she was rookie of the year and had the most sales of any sales agent in the nation, but she didn’t stop there. Since she is not in the area of our shop she is mainly an outside sales rep who creates wholesale orders and spreads the word of our company out in Houston.

Then there is our incredibly loyal employee Dylan, who joined the team a few months into the storefront being open. Dylan is an alumni of my fraternity Pi Lambda Phi, and i met him when I was pledging during alumni weekend, from that moment on I knew I needed to keep his creative, smart mind on my team. He runs the day to day life in the shop and coordinates events for our team to go out and show support to our loving community.

Lastly, there me, Carter, I am the head marketing agent for 7th Letter wellness. While I am still in school, I am just working part time. My job includes taking care of the social media platforms, creating content to post on the social media, as well as flyers, billboards, and much more.

In this blog I want to talk about the true origin of 7th Letter, well to start this off you need to know about my father, Kenneth Kilby, ken for short. In his life he has had a lot of medical issues, including multiple heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. With that being said my father had to go through surgeries on his heart from the clots in his left ventricle, now he has a device in his heart that pumps his blood throughout his body called an LVAD. The surgery to put the LVAD in his chest was about 2.5 years ago and he went through some insane pain from the surgery and even in his day to day life. Our father was in so much pain and no medicine were strong enough to help. Then my brother thought to start dosing my father with CBD, that day his life was changed for good. At first, I was not a full believer in CBD but after seeing the results it had on our own father my brother knew this was the path he wanted to pursue.  

Now 7th Letter is a common word used in almost every household in the Chesterfield, Va area. We opened up in a little under a year ago today and we have had nothing but success in helping and healing people in the community.


Published by ckilby1

Head Marketing Agent for 7th Letter Wellness

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